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With the onset of Covid19 there has been a major impact on many things we take advantage of on our off times such as fishing or recreational boating. One impact that effects the TSMBA/NOBS is no gatherings of more than 5 people and maintaining physical distancing. I know we are all very excited to get back into the Bass Tournament Season and get the competitive juices flowing. 

I will touch briefly on changes I will be making this season due to the NEW NORMAL. With the impact on businesses world wide the request for sponsors and donations will not happen this year, the financial burden on businesses is too great. I have already received items from LUND as well as TEMAGAMI MARINE which we are very grateful. These donations will be held over until next year. This year when we hold an event we need to be self sufficient as we move ahead. Now there is a little funds left over from last year in which this is a decision I was glad I made. Please continue to check this site for updates and schedule changes and cancelations.


     As you will see below I am not canceling events for now just postponing them to hopefully completr them at  later date. What I am suggesting to all participants is to set aside your entry fees for each event just in case we do have to cancel an event. If our season is shortened and we must have to eliminate some events the entry fee will be divided into the remaining events, which will look like we have increased entry fees but we will be condencing entry fees into fewer events. Please keep checking back for more information.


    I want to thank you all for your support and understanding through all of this until we can resume our events please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay informed.

2020  Tournament Schedule
June 14, 2020  Larder Lake
June 27, 2020 Nosbonsing
June 28, 2020 Mattawa or Talon
July 19, 2020  Bay Lake
August 15, 2020 Cassels Lake
August 16, 2020 Lake Temagami
August 29th 2020 Sesikinika
August 30, 2020 Lake Temiskaming
September 19, 20, 2020 Trout Lake 
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